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"Thank you very much for the all the support from Mindlab. They really have good teachers there. It's a big improvement for me. I have never gotten an A before until I started with Mindlab"

− Chris C, SJI (Int'l), (2015)

"My son has enjoyed his lessons, especially with his English tutor. She has helped my son with identifying his weakness and world literature paper. She has managed to make the lessons interesting. For the Physics tutor, Ivan really liked his teaching and he learned a lot from him. His explanations are really easy to understand and he gave him a lot of practice questions which really helped him. It's just too bad he can't have more lessons with him. For Economics, my son is also glad he had a few lessons with the tutor. Overall, he had benefitted from all the lessons and he is glad he took lessons at Mindlab. I would also like to thank you for making arrangements and being accommodating with our tight schedule. I hope he will be able to come back in December."

− Mrs. Catherine Teo, mother of Ivan Teo, IB student

"I have been there for the past 4 years and without their excellent teachers, I would have not been able to achieve what I have achieved today. All my teachers have always gone an extra mile by providing me with the necessary resources and their precious time to help me attain the results I have achieved today. Mindlab has always provided me with the most skillful yet friendly teachers, who always pushed me and never gave up on me. Their classes are not only productive but also enjoyable."

− Urvashi Sikka | IB (2013) (Econs HL, Math HL, Bio HL & Chem SL)

"Thank you for guiding me with Business, otherwise I wont be getting the score that I achieved."

− Cheryl K, ACS Int'l (2015)

"Thank you for your help. All my grades showed improvement! I really appreciate all the hardwork that my tutors put in. "

− Tan J K, SJI ( Int'l), (2015)

"I am really thankful and grateful to my teacher and for all his hardwork. My scores really improved."

− Rian W, SJI (Int'l) , (2015)

"Thank you SO SO much! They really help me a lot."

− Jia Jing L, ACS Int'l, (2015)

"Thank you very much as you played a big part on my grade improvement."

− Ron K, SJI ( Int'l) , (2015)

""BIG THANK YOU to the chemistry teacher who taught my daughter Dionne. She never got an A before and now she has it!"

− Dionne W, SJI (Int'l), (2015)

"Thank you so much to my Math tutor. Previously, I barely passed Math, but now I got an A! Once the school starts again, I only want him to be my tutor. He is really good to me and helpful."

− Xiu HM, HCI, (2015)

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