7 Useful Advice for Students: Things your parents may not tell you

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Students hear the same advise many times, from the importance of getting good results to the need for CCAs to improve themselves. However there are useful advise that are being overlooked and often ignored. Here are some of the advice that are students should remember:

1. You create your own schedule. You know when you are most the most productive. – Many people would advise to start the day early in the morning. It is common that some students work better at night and others prefer studying in a cafe. Whichever the case, you know yourself the and what works for you. Different people work differently so embrace it!

2. Don’t be afraid to try – They say that college is the best time of your life. Take advantage of this time to become the most amazing version of yourself. Try things you have not done and you may discover a whole new side to you.

3. Its okay to not know what you want. – Not everyone know immediately what career path they want. Take some time off to find yourself, pursue internships and do what really matters to you. Find what drives you and always fight for your passion.

4. Build yourself, not your resume. – Resumes are important but building a yourself as a strong, well-develop person can actually make you far more memorable in interviews. Subsequently, the working world too.

5. Its never to early to start thinking about your life after school – Exams might seem like the only most important barrier right now, but it is never too late to spend some time thinking about what you want eventually. Get ready by doing something ambitious and difficult even though you think you aren’t ready. – The career world comes faster than expected, it’s best to be prepared.

6. It does’t hurt to learn more – While there is an education system in place, learning how to think critically, apply sound logic, and develop solid conclusions is the most valuable skill of all. It does not hurt learning more through extra classes too.

7. Most importantly, do not regret. – Many students do not go the extra mile to improve themselves when they had the chance. Don’t let that mistake haunt you. Make an impact.

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