Our customized AP Calculus Tuition Course aims to give you the fastest grade improvements

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Customized AP Calculus Classes

The fast pace of an AP class paired with the difficulty of calculus can make Advanced Placement Calculus AB a real challenge for students. Our tutors can help you conquer complex calculus topics

Our AP Calculus Tuition program offers a solution to students struggling with AP Calculus who might struggle to possess the reasoning and analytical skills that are required by the AP Calculus program. Our well-drilled AP Calculus Tuition instructors would ensure that your classes are designed to address your weaknesses and maximize the efficiency of their practice sessions.

The AP Calculus diagnostic tests that we administer before the commencement of classes would form the foundation upon which we design the classes for your child.

Customized AP Calculus Tuition classes ensure that we help our students improve by targeting specific segments that they are weak at and direct their revision so that they may achieve the most out of their study hours and improve their AP Calculus test scores.

Complimentary weekly tests and practice sessions are also provided so that you have the necessary exam acclimatization.

 UNLIMITED Practice Tests every WED 6-9pm and SAT 1-4pm

Diagnostic Test and Analysis

 Bespoke Course Design

Personalised feedback

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