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Why IB Tuition prepares you for college

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Indeed, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program places incredible demands on one. Perhaps you can’t help but wonder sometimes, “Is all the hard work worthwhile?” Well, let this article tell you…

Critical Skills for the Future

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We live in a rapidly changing world where new industries are formed while old ones are becoming obsolete constantly. Both the workforce and our knowledge base are transforming. With the…

How to choose a university that is right for you

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Indeed, it is not easy to choose between universities. However, universities often have key differences between them that can help you in making this big decision. It is essential that…

Think of the jobs in Future

6 Jobs of the Future that might be sooner than you think

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Our future promises a lot of new technology and innovation. Furthermore, robots are no longer a thing of the past. Therefore who knows what new and cool jobs might crop...

7 Useful Advice for Students: Things your parents may not tell you

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Students hear the same advise many times, from the importance of getting good results to the need for CCAs to improve themselves. However there are useful advise that are being...

At Last! An IB Exam Cheat Sheet for You! Free!

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With the IB exams looming, education should be about sharing as much as learning. So with that in mind we’ve put together a cheat sheet (a concise set of notes for each...