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Well-written personal essays are crucial to the success of any US College applicant. Our personal essay service provides comprehensive support to all your essay needs in the application process. From the Common Application essay to the school specific writing requirements, our team of specialists will assist you in crafting the best possible piece to showcase your uniqueness and qualities to improve your chances for admission.

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The key distinguishing factor of the US College Application process is the massive amount of written work that applicants are expected to submit. Beyond the Common Application Essays, Colleges tend to have their own set of writing requirements to further filter through the enormous application pool. Particularly for highly selective Colleges, the additional writings are critical determinants of an applicant’s acceptance as they look for students who are not merely academically adept but also able to leverage on the numerous opportunities that the schools have to offer as well as contribute positively to the learning atmosphere. The primary challenge for applicants is to utilize the essays and writings as a platform to portray themselves as holistic individuals who possess the requisite soft skills and maturity to succeed in a competitive school environment. This can be particularly difficult as the writing prompts could range from a few short structured questions regarding the motivations behind applying for a particular course or college to the highly abstract that requires a demonstration of creativity and critical thinking skills beyond what an ordinary high school student might be expected to produce. Our consultants are graduates from world-renowned universities and colleges who will lend their experiences in helping your child craft the best possible essays to showcase their abilities. Your child would benefit from being advised by those who have been on a similar journey and understand the challenges and expectations of a well-crafted application essay.

The UCAS personal statement is the only and most importance piece of writing to demonstrate a student’s capabilities and interest in their course of study to all Universities they are applying to. Our expert consultants will assist you in reviewing your academic and co-curricular achievements to craft and essay to present you in the finest light for admissions to selective UK university programs.

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With an increasingly competitive applicant pool and the continuously improving results of each high school graduating batch, the personal statement has become the single most important piece of writing in an applicant’s academic journey. Applicants are expected to distinguish themselves to the admission officers in a short 4000-character essay, espousing their academic and co-curricular achievements as well as their passion and suitability for their chosen field of study. With the exception of OxBridge, other UK universities do not rely on interviews as one of the channels through which they attempt to distinguish between candidates beyond the quantitative achievements. Hence the personal statement presents the only opportunity through which students can attempt to differentiate themselves from thousands of applicants who are competing for the very same spots. Our essay consultation program is designed to help your child overcome the challenging task of crafting a well-balanced and powerful essay that could determine the outcome of their application. Grades and CVs are no longer sufficient on their own to guarantee entry to the most selective of universities and courses. Applicants are required to demonstrate exceptional interests and passion for their courses of study and provide evidence that they are able to handle the rigorous programs as well as contribute positively in a competitive and demanding learning environment. Our consultants will guide your child through the process of building a winning personal statement to improve his or her chances of attending the universities of their dreams.