6 Jobs of the Future that might be sooner than you think

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Think of the jobs in Future

Our future promises a lot of new technology and innovation. Furthermore, robots are no longer a thing of the past. Therefore who knows what new and cool jobs might crop up over the next two decades?


Garbage designer

Job description: Turn trash into useful products

As the earth is slowly filled with mountains of thrash and garbage dumps, we will need to explore more methods to deal with all the waste. This is where garbage designers would come in. They would be in charge or develop methods and solutions to upcycle trash on a large scale. With manufacturing companies finding more efficient ways to reuse materials. Therefore they will be looking for someone to fill this role.


Productivity Officer

Job description: Improve productivity and efficiency

As businesses around the world continue to push for higher and more efficient workflow, there is an increasing reliance on the use of data to make decisions. Therefore, the scope of this job is basically to draw information from large amounts of data. In addition, provide recommendations of how to get the best out of their employees. As a result, if 1 employee can fulfil the workload of 2, that would benefit the business greatly.


Robot Consultant

Job description: Match people with live-in service robots

Robots are no longer a thing of the past. It is not just something we see in cartoons or movies. With the recent shift in technology, there is no doubting that one day robots would take over certain jobs. Roles such as maids or caregivers, even dog friendly robots may very much be real. This is where a Robot Consultant comes in. Rather than picking a robot on your own, Robot Consultants help find the right behaviour, interest, requirements from the buyer, to fit you perfectly.


End of Life Therapist

Job description: Get people to enjoy their final moments

As warped as this might sound, it may actually be worth thinking about. As our lifespan increases due to higher medical capabilities, people may start focusing on the experience of life rather than expensive treatments. However, this would create a gap where you need a therapist to guide you  in spending the last few years to the fullest.

Digital Memorialist

Digital Memorialist

Job description: Clean up “expired” online profiles

Another warped future job may come in digital profiles. While social profiles live on forever, unfortunately the user may not. In the past, we are being remembered through our physical possessions. In the future, everything from your timeline to photos are all being stored digitally. Hence, we may hire a digital memorialist to help tidy up these profiles, remove duckface selfies, rants, or other embarrassing online content. This ensures the most respectful and accurate digital portrait lives on.

Drone Manager

Drone Manager

Job description: Plan and organize fleets of drones

While drones are nothing new, they are still a niche market. However a few years down the road, more and more businesses and consumers will start to make use of drones. Therefore we need someone to manage them, maintain or set boundaries. In conclusion, the sky may not be the limit.

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