Online IB Skype Tuition

* Dedicated & IB Certified Teachers
* Comprehensive Notes and Worksheets
* "Live" Lessons
* 1-to-1 or Small Group Classes Available
* Intensive Revision & Exam Preparation
* Mock Exams
* Essay Vetting

""My lessons went well, my tutors were critical in things that needed improvement which helped me quite a lot.""

− Mandy Chua | Queensland Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology| Biz HL, English SL, Chemistry HL (IB Year 1)


  • “Live” High Quality Video Instruction

  • IB Certified Teachers

  • Comprehensive worksheets and notes



After 7 years of online teaching, we have put in place teaching structures as well as lesson protocols to ensure that students receive the same attention to detail as our on-site students. The result of this is that we are able to help you improve your IB score regardless of your location. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a laptop to get connected to us and start making those grade improvements!

This lesson format is perfect for:

  • Boarding School Students
  • Private Candidates
  • Candidates Re-sitting and exam
  • Students in countries that do not offer the same rigorous support program as Mindlab

Online Students also have access to the same resources that our onsite students do.:

  • Past Year Paper Practice
  • Customised Worksheets
  • Timed Mock Exams
  • Comprehensive Notes