Experienced IB-certified subject specialists

Ridiculously talented teachers who love their craft and their students

What we are made of

Mindlab International has an extremely diverse range of tutors from different backgrounds reflecting the cultural diversity of our enterprise. They are highly qualified and carefully handpicked to meet the high standards of the students.

Each of them are highly valued not only because they are ridiculously talented but also because they love their craft and truly care for their students.

Selection Process

All prospective tutors of Mindlab undergo an intensive screening and interview process and assessed based on wide range criteria such as knowledge, skill, experience, educational background, aptitude for teaching, friendliness, personal presentation and demeanor.

From qualified teachers to academics or research scholars, our tutors are selected on the basis of their experience in relation to the subjects that they teach. We focus on hiring tutors that have a firm grasp of the subject matter as well as acute knowledge of the syllabus requirements.

Once they qualify for Mindlab, they undergo continuing education and weekly training to keep in line with the current syllabi. These enable our tutors to be periodically evaluated and to be able to be well equipped to support the students to excel in the educational programs that we offer.

We are proud to announce that most of our tutors have received their IB certification after participating in a professional development workshop for their respective subjects.

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TAMPINES | (65) 63419618 (Admin desk based in Orchard)

Ms. Ashikin

Mathematics 7cmx7cm

B. Sc. Chemistry & Biological Chemistry at National Technological University Singapore. She specializes in Chemistry (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level) and Mathematics.

Ms. Grace

English 7cmx7cm

B. Arts. Journalism with nearly 10 years of tutoring experience specializing in IB English A1/A2/B HL/SL, ARC, IGCSE, GCSE and IP Level tuition. She is currently teaching in an IBO World school and leads a team mentoring tutors for IB English and EE/Research. She is IBO Certified for DP Language A: Literature.

Mr. Hongyi

Economics 7cmx7cm

B. (Hons) in Science (First Major Physics, Second Major Math, Dean’s Lister). He has over 2 years of tutoring experience and specializes in Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level). 

Mr. Jack

Economics 7cmx7cm

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) at NTU and Dean’s Lister in SRJC, specialising in Math( IB/IGCSE/IP) and Physics (IB/IGCSE/IP/O Level)

Ms. Jenn

Economics 7cmx7cm

B.Sc Pharmacy (Hons.) in NUS. She has a total of 7 years of tutoring experience specializing in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (IB/IP/IGCSE/A’ Level/O’Level)

Ms. Jamuna

Physics 7cmx7cm

BA. (Hons.) in Economics & Management. She has over 6 years of tutoring experience and specializes in Economics & Business (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level).

Mr. Khai Boon

Mathematics 7cmx7cm

B. Sc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, NTU. He has a total of 6 yrs of tutoring in experience specialising in Mathematics & Chemistry (IGCSE/IP/IB/O’Level/A’Level)

Mr. Kin Leong

Economics 7cmx7cm

B. Eng (Hons.) in Materials Engineering. He has 8 years of tutoring experience and specializes in Chemistry (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level), Science & Math (IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level). IBO Certified in Chemistry.

Ms. Lyn

English 7cmx7cm

BSEd with a Major in English and Master of Arts in Educational Management. She has over 11 years of tutoring experience and a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) passer, specializing in English, Language and Literature, General Paper and TOK (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level); IBO Certified in Language A ‘Language and Literature’ & TOK.

Ms. Michelle

Biology 7cmx7cm

BSEd with a Major in Science (Biology & Chemistry). She has over 8 years of tutoring experience and specializes in Biology and Science (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’ Level). IBO Certified in Biology.

Ms. Niithiya

English 7cmx7cm

BA. of Arts with Double Major in Political Science and Business Management. She has over 7 years of tutoring experience specializing English Language and Literature. (IB/IP/IGCSE/’O’Level)

Ms. Shreni

Physics 7cmx7cm

Diplome de la Langue Francaise”; Atelier de Traduction opting for “Atelier de literature” & “Atelier de communication oral”; French Language. She has more than 6 years of tutoring experience specializing in French (IB/IGCSE), Science & Mathematics (Grade 1-8)