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We specialise in tuition for the following curricula:
  • IB (International Baccalaureate) / MYP (Middle Years Program)
  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) CIE / Edexcel, IP (Integrated Program)
  • SAT Reasoning & Subject Tests Preparation
  • College Preparation for students intending to go on to higher education programs at renowned universities

All programs are offered in-house and online.

These are long-term (minimum 6 weeks) regular (same schedule, subject and tutor) weekly tuition classes. The tutors provide customized tuition classes and the lesson plan is usually as a supplement to what the student is learning in school. The aim of the classes may be either to improve their grades in school, catch up with the lessons in school or as a means to be ahead of their class by studying the topics in advance.
Special rates are offered during the vacation period (MAY-AUG / NOV-JAN). The program caters to students who would like a head start for the new school year, revise on foundation topics for the next school year or have an introduction for the next term’s syllabus. Easter, Term Breaks and End Of Year (EOY) holiday courses are also offered.
Students taking exam preparatory courses may have a regular weekly schedule structure or crash course type of schedule. The lessons are exam-focused and the aim is for the student to score well in their specific exams.
These are short-term classes with a frequency of more than once a week per subject. The schedule may be customized and varies depending on the availability of the tutor and student. The class duration may even be longer than 1.5hour per session per subject. The purpose of the classes may differ for each client. These are customized and designed for students booking for crash courses or intensive revision classes are usually those with a short school break or term break and would like to use their vacation to brush up on their subjects or prepare for internal exams.
EXAM PAPER PRACTICE / BOOT CAMP The Boot Camp classes are generally guided group practice session. In each session, the student is provided past year paper/s (IB/IGCSE, depending on the program that the student is doing). The student is asked to finish the paper within 2 hours. If the student needs to clarify doubts with the questions, the student could approach the tutor to individually ask about the specific question. These are offered at special rates during the period offer.

SUBJECT REVIEW WITH NOTES  This crash course is usually available closer to the actual IB and IGCSE exams. The tutor provides a chapter-by-chapter intensive review highlighting the notes that needs to be memorized/familiarized for the exam. In the end the student completes a set of notes that will be helpful for review.

Progress Reports

Constant feedback is provided to ensure that we always keep the parents in the loop with the progress of the student.

Trial Class Feedback is emailed to the parents to inform them about the student’s competency in the subject, the student’s goals and the tutor’s plans and recommendations for the student after assessing the student during the trial class.

Progress Reports are emailed periodically after every 6th session with the tutor. This report is based on a session by session tracking of the tutor. The purpose is to update the parent on the progress made by the student. It will also include the tutor’s recommendations for the student’s improvement.

In-House Topic Questions
 Past Year Exam Papers
 Constantly Updated Resource Bank

We base the lessons primarily on the same textbooks that the student uses in school to be in sync in supplementing what is being taught by the teacher.

In addition to this, we generate practice papers using our in-house question bank resource with topical questions and past year paper exams.

All materials are customized to suit the students’ learning goals and abilities. They are reviewed regularly to ensure compatibility with up to date syllabi.