“Without the great guidance of the college consultant and my fantastic trainers, I would not have made the decision to switch from the SAT to the ACT and eventually raised my score to a 33, allowing me to apply to my desired schools with confidence. “

Arjun Perumalla, U of Illinois U-C


Substantial Improvement


Old SAT 180

ACT 3 points

Comprehensive & Quality Content

With our program partner Testrocker, expect world class original content designed and structured to maximize your learning experience. With a high-tech tracking system, we have visibility of all our students progress at the click of a mouse.

110% Attention

Benefit from a tailor-made program with one-to-one personalized attention from our trainers and free add-on services including practice sessions and practice tests.

Our standardized test preparation program recognizes the need for customization to cater to each and every student’s needs and abilities. Gone are the days of putting students in massive group classes and expecting them to improve through cramming and rote learning. Students today do not have the luxury of such mindless repetition and spend their time on 60-hour programs to improve their test scores.

Combining cutting-edge technology offered by Testrocker with quality one-to-one coaching, we provides student a holistic test-prep program that is efficient and effective. Our college consultant will also be on hand to provide regular updates and arrange for extra complimentary practice sessions, taking you through your program from start to finish.

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