Our meticulously designed SAT program seeks to help students of all levels of abilities. A systematic and rigorous teaching process aids your child in improving their test scores to better their chances of attending their dream colleges. Our expert trainers who have undergone rigorous internal testing and preparation would tailor classes that best address the student’s needs. The diagnostic tests that we would administer before the commencement of the course would help us profile the child’s strengths and weaknesses to guide our lesson planning and customization. Using a deep database of practice questions, we prescribe progressive and precise lessons to help build and improve specific segments of the student’s skill.

UNLIMITED Practice Tests every WED 6-9pm and SAT 1-4pm


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This program offers an alternative to students struggling with the SAT who might possess reasoning and analytical skills that more closely reflected by the requirements of the ACT. Our experts would ensure that your classes are designed to address your child’s weaknesses and maximize the efficiency of their practice sessions. Like the SAT program, the diagnostic tests that we administer before the commencement of classes would form the foundation upon which we design our classes for your child. Customization ensures that we help our students improve by targeting specific segments that they are weak at and direct their revision so that they may achieve the most out of their study hours and improve their test scores.

UNLIMITED Practice Tests every WED 6-9pm and SAT 1-4pm

It is penultimate year of high school and junior college, and the pressure of preparing for College and Universities is mounting. The first hurdle, amongst many others to come, remains to be the standardized test. The perennial battle between the ACT and the SAT rages on. In the US, coastal cities remain as the stronghold of the SAT test while the South and the Midwest are loyalists to the ACT. Which test is better for your college hopes?

The ACT and SAT are different tests that measure similar but distinct constructs. The ACT measures achievement related to high school curricula, while the SAT measures general verbal and quantitative reasoning. While the concordance study conducted by ACT and College Board might suggest that the use of the ACT composite might lend an advantage to applicants, as opposed to the component-focused nature of the SAT, the reality is that the suitability of the tests depend on the innate skill-sets of the students.

In 2012, it was reported in the New York Times that for the very first time the number of students taking the ACT outnumbered those taking the SAT;  1,666,017 against 1,664,479. Increasingly, more and students applying to competitive colleges and the Ivies are taking and submitting both the ACT and SAT Tests. Some schools have 10th Graders (Secondary 4) taking the Preliminary SAT and the PLAN, the ACT version, to figure out where their strengths lie and prepare them for the corresponding test.

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