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I found the tuition experience at Mindlab very helpful. I was able to gain a lot of help and confidence in my skills for the exam which helped me to do better. Especially since the sessions were catered towards my problem areas in Biology, I found I was able to improve in those sections during the exam.

– Sakura Ito, 2017 | Canadian International School | Biology HL

IB Students

"It was generally an enriching experience.:)

− T.Y. Year 6 (2013), Economics HL

"The tutors here are very professional and explained everything clearly. Keep up the great work!"

− I. N. | Year 6 (2013) Business HL & Economics SL

"Both my tutors, Mr. Leong and Ms. Asmath, are great. They are very helpful and make the lessons enjoyable. My parents would also like to extend their sincere thanks to Justin who made them feel welcome when we first enquired about mindlab. All in all, I had a wonderful learning experience at Mindlab!"

− S. A. | Year 6 (2013), Chem HL (Final Grade: 6) & Math SL (Final Grade: 7)

"Despite being at Mindlab for only a month, coming for lessons here have really helped improved my confidence in both subjects. While realistic with my strengths and (mostly) weaknesses, Mr. Leong and Ms. Asmath have been very encouraging in the run up and my preparation for the exams:) Also, everyone is very friendly here so thank you Mindlab:)"

− S. G. | SOTA Year 6 (2014) IB Chem HL, Math SL

"Mindlab helped me become more exam savvy by outlining part of the syllabus that are most important.

− Francesca | Improved: from 6 to 7 | IB Chemistry HL

"Economics was easily my worst subject at the start of Year 5. Unable to comprehend the concepts, I found myself constantly frustrated at Economics, and was at the verge of giving up when I bagged a dismal 2 points in the Mid-Year Examinations. Thankfully, however, a friend recommended Mindlab and Mrs. Lee. Under her instruction, I found that I was able to understand and effectively apply Economics concepts. In addition to this, the tutor belongs to the select ranks of teachers who are not only able to convey academic concepts clearly and effectively, but make them enjoyable as well! Under her guidance, I found myself changing from one who dreads Economics to one who enjoys it thoroughly. The true indicator of the quality of her teaching, however, came 4 months later during my promotion exams, where I managed to achieve a whopping 4 point improvement in Economics! Thank you Mindlab for turning my worst nightmare into my greatest strength."

− Jonathan Lim | ACS (I), Class 2011

"Before I joined Mindlab, I couldn't catch up with the pace in class because I had very little background in Economics. On top of that, most of my classmates had done Economics before in IGCSE, so this resulted in me having a lot of confusion in concepts. Through Mindlab's tutoring, I was able to understand and APPLY concepts which made learning Economics more enjoyable to me, as well as help me to achieve better grades in school. The environment and atmosphere which we had classes in was perfect for learning. It was interactive which made all the topics easier to deal with. I have benefitted from Mindlab's excellent tutoring and would definitely recommend it to anyone in search of an IB Tutor."

− Bonnie Bee, UWCSEA, Class of 2009

"Ms. D is a fantastic tutor who has always assisted me in working to my full potential. I would recommend her especially to students who are not particularly inclined/interested in Math, as she can generate an interest. Tiffany and the other administrative staff have been wonderful, organized and served us with a smile."

− A.M. | Grade 12 (May 2014), IB Chem HL & Math HL

"Helpful teachers that give willingly makes me interested in the subject and tuition a breeze."

− N. N. | Year 6 (2013), Physics HL (Final Grade:7)

"Before receiving my November 2009 IB exam results, I had high aspirations of enrolling into a good engineering course in a reputable university. Upon receiving my results on the 6th of January, however, all these hopes were swiftly forgotten, giving way to a fear of whether I would be able to enrol into any university in Singapore at all. I decided to retake the subjects which I scored poorly on, including math, the Extended Essay, and the TOK essay. After some time spent calling family friends in order to enquire about a good tuition teacher for IB Math HL, my mom stumbled upon Mindlab Tuition centre. Seeing that it was the only centre which catered exclusively to IB students, my parents decided to enrol me into an intensive math program. My tutor was great, sacrificing many of her lunch breaks just to teach me or help me with my doubts. She is a very passionate and caring mentor and one of those rare and special teachers who genuinely care for her students. The teachers at Mindlab, even those who weren't my teachers, were always willing and able to answer my math queries when my teacher was busy with another class. Great teachers like these are not found just everywhere. I consider myself blessed to have such an opportunity to learn from these teachers. All the hard work paid off when I received my Math HL May 2010 results, where my grade had gone up from its original 3 to a 6! It was an amazing achievement to improve my math score by 3 points in a matter of 3 months, and I have Mindlab to thank for that. I believe that Mindlab has helped me fulfil my goals of attending a good university, as now I have been accepted into the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Nanyang Technological Institute!
Thank you, Mindlab."

− Aditya Rayakur, Year 6, ACS International

"Her teaching is detailed with clear explanations. She goes through questions after every topic and makes sure we understand every part of the topic."

− B. R. | Year 6 (2013), Chemistry HL

"I received a 6 in the IB exam after 2 years of getting only grade 5s. I would like to thank him (Math tutor) and mindlab for pushing my grade up and increasing my confidence."

− Manisha M. | SJI Int'l Grade 12 (2014), Math HL (Final Grade: 6)

"We retained the services of Mindlab in March to help in the preparation of our 9 year old son for an assessment at an IB school in Singapore. The staff at Mindlab were highly responsive to our needs, developing a tuition programme at short notice tailored to our specific requirements. The tutors were well qualified and we found the quality of the instruction that our son received to be of a high standard. We formed a very good impression of the facility, both in terms of the quality of the tuition received and the overall learning environment and would highly recommend Mindlab to other parents looking for tuition services for their children."

− Mr Paul Marshall, father of William Marshall, UWCSEA 5th grade student

"Thanks to all the math teachers I had - you guys were great! I liked the way that if I didn't get it, you guys just kept trying lots of different methods until you found one which clicked with me. I also liked the fact that nobody got annoyed or impatient when they had to repeat themselves. We had some good laughs while in class and that made it easier to focus and not a burden to work. You guys helped me raise my math score from a 2 or 3 up to a 5 for my final IB grade.
As for English, our classes were awesome. You've managed to increase my score from a 2 to a 4 so that's a big improvement for me; especially since I originally hated all the analysis you need to do in English. Thanks a lot to my English teacher. You were a nice, calm, funny teacher, and you're very good to talk to. You gave a fair amount of work in class and for homework, but you explained everything well and gave good examples and techniques to help me understand and get to the bottom of the passages. Thanks so much for your help! Keep on helping others, and all the best! Thanks a lot Mindlab!"

− Gabriel Ramos Currah, OFS, Class of 2010

"My classes with my Biology tutor were enjoyable, and she actually made the subject I despised the most, interesting to study. I will recommend her to my friends and peers."

− Fatema, ISS Grade 12 (2011), Biology SL

"Mindlab offers high quality tuition, with a tailor-made approach to suit the student's needs. The content taught was in depth and specific, following the latest IB curriculum. The methods of answering questions and the question bank were very beneficial to my exam preparation!"

− Lyn | SOTA (2014), IB Math SL

"Helps me keep up with what is being taught in school and feel more confident going into tests."

− Z. T. | Grade 11 (2013), Math Studies

"My classes have given me a wide scope of literary discovery, bringing up my ability to dissect works from various writers and poets."
The English tutor has helped enrich my English skills fort he past 2 months or so. Having improved in perceptive analysis of poems and increased my yield of understanding proper literature commentary, my classes has given me a wide scope of literary discovery, bringing up my ability to dissect works from various writers and poets. She makes sure everyday class is fun and interactive, and is very enthusiastic in replying any questions on literature."

− Brian IBDP, Beijing

"Kind + helpful"

− N.N. | IB Grade 12 (May 2014), Math HL

"After attending Mindlab, my Math grades went from a C-A, and my Chemistry grades went from a C-A as well."

− L.M. | Grade 10 (May 2014), IGCSE Chemistry & Math

"Thank you for all of your help over the years! Thank you for helping me with my studies.

− Ryan Ng | Physics SL, Math HL, Econs HL | UWCSEA | Grade 12 (May 2016)

"Math was always the downfall in my report cards – marring the row of A grades, there would be that one glaring D grade for math. I had come to hate the subject, and was having extreme difficulty in the classes, falling far behind everyone else.
I had lost all hope of getting a passing grade in my math IGCSE, when near the end of the course, a friend of mine recommended Mindlab. I was a little apprehensive at first, never having needed or attended any sort of private tuition, but my fears were unfounded; My tutor was not only highly certified, she was one of those rare teachers whose style of teaching truly helps the student and motivates them to learn. After less than a month of tuition, I found that I was actually enjoying the subject, and was seeing huge improvements in my math test results. However, the true surprise came a few months later, when I received my IGCSE results; I had received an A for math. Mindlab has pulled me up from a failing grade to being top of my class.
I would recommend Mindlab to anyone, as I had an amazing tutor who was an amazing person in general. I am more than satisfied with my experience in receiving tuition from Mindlab, and I think the results speak for themselves."

− Anatalia van der Velde, UWCSEA, IGCSE (2010)

"When I first went to Mindlab for TOK help, I was very lost about the whole process of the presentation and the essay. However, Ms Pamela was very helpful and explained the criteria clearly to me and made me understand the subject better. I also had Ms Pamela for English and helped me grasp concepts that were not taught in school. Overall, it has been one of the best tution (sic) experiences I have had as it taught me something that I did not learn in school."

− K. C. | Year 6 (2013) TOK & IB Eng Lang & Lit SL (Final Grade: 6)

"The 3+ years in Mindlab have been very enriching. Having gone through both group & individual lessons, I've seen how Mr. Leong is just as attentive to the needs of students in indi (sic) and group classes! I wouldn't have been able to understand Chemistry without Mr. Leong's help!"

− Anonymous (Sept. 2012)

"Ms . Raiza has been a boon in my daughters life . Thank you Mindlab ."

− Mrs. S. | UWCSEA Grade 12 (May 2015) | IB Biology SL

"Mindlab Tuition Centre has helped me tremendously and the hard work put in by my tutor has allowed me to fully reach my potential in the recent IB examinations. Prior to my tuition, I was getting fives and sixes in Physics HL and Chemistry SL, but with the help of the centre, I was able to achieve a seven in both these subjects in the final examination. I knew the areas I needed to work on and the centre was very efficient in providing me with questions related to those particular areas. The lessons were an entertaining way of learning, and the tutor's passion for the subjects translated to me and I started to really enjoy both Physics and Chemistry. Without Mindlab Centre, I wouldn't have been able to achieve my results, and so I definitely recommend this centre to other students."

− Nitya Padmanabhan, UWCSEA, Class of 2010

"I had always been achieving a grade 4 for history last year, since I took history with Mindlab this year, I managed to improve one grade higher to a high 5. As for English, I only had a few lessons and mostly its for world lit. I am extremely satisfied with my tutors. My tutor has motivated me to read the texts for english A1 and also helped me in making impt decisions and determining my approach for future english papers. (eg. whether to do the prose or poem). I enjoyed how my tutor does not really make it seem as if it was a tuition class but more of a discussion session which makes it more productive. Her lessons are fun and not boring at all. One quality would be how she makes the class not only a theory one but also one which I could engage in effective discussion. My tutor inspires me to be a more hardworking person where she stresses the importance of key areas in the subject. Since Mindlab is the only official IB tuition centre, I would recommend it to those who take the IB diploma programme because Mindlab recognises the places that are needed to be focused on."

− Loke Chor, ACS Independent Year 6 (2010)

"I am going to carry out a lot of knowledge from your classes because honestly, I enjoyed doing Biology with you. You have helped me a lot with notes and the other bio cram sessions right before the test as well. So thank you! Couldn't have done it without ya :)"

− Sumedha Vasist | Biology HL | OFS | Grade 12 (May 2016)

"I would like to start the testimonial by thanking Mindlab for the help that the teachers have been over the last two odd years. I started in 2010 with HL Maths and the rest is pretty history! Over the last two years, the experience I've had in the center at Orchard has been thoroughly enriching and i would consider it as a critical supplement to my IBDP curriculum in school. I appreciate how much the lesson plans are catered specifically to the IBDP and I am also impressed with the proficiency of all the teachers that I have sought help from. In addition to this, the teachers that have worked with me have all been extremely approachable. In fact, their helpfulness is part of the reason that makes the centre a quiet and conducive place for self-study sessions in the premises. Mindlab has also be an ideal environment interact with international IB students from other schools, and understand school life from an interlay different perspective from the local school system. The IB is an international program, and Mindlab reflects the international aspect of the program through its holistic and yet well-focused lesson plans, as well as the various networking opportunities."

− Jeremiah Sim | ACSI, IB Class of 2011 | English Math, Chemistry and Economics

"Absolutely fantastic. It is my first time taking tuition in many years. Despite my general resentment towards it, Mr. Leong has helped my grades increase by leaps and bounds. I will always be grateful to him for his patience, guidance and support. Staff has also made the overall experience pleasant and accommodating so thank you Sabrina for that."

− K.S. | SOTA (2014), IB Chem HL

"Confidence is improving with the help of the teacher. She is able to explain the work at my level which is very helpful."

− K.S.| UWCSEA Grade 12 (2014), IB Biology SL

"Ms. Karen was an excellent teacher. She helped me to work through problems using clear examples and past papers. Ms. Michelle was very good at guiding me through the syllabus with wonderful visual diagrams. Mr. Yit was very helpful in helping me to notice my errors and aiding me in understanding how to avoid silly errors."

− G.P. | Sevenoaks School UK (2014) Econs HL, Bio SL, Math SL

"Just would like to take the opportunity to thanks for your support."

− G.T. | GESS (May 2015) | IB Physics SL

"For the French Classes:
Clear and concise lessons, helped me better understand the language having more clarity in exams on what the questions require me to answer.
Contented with the support given.
Exam paper practice has really helped me, giving me confidence.
Discussions were fruitful.

For the Chemistry Classes:
Gave better understanding of key concepts.
Exam paper discussions have provided me with greater understanding of how to efficiently answer paper and given me confidence in answering."

− A.Y. | GIIS Grade 12 (2014), IB Chem HL & French ab initio

"I am happy to inform you that I have received a 6 for SL Literature! Thank you so much for all your help. It's been great!

My previous score was a borderline 5. I think the classes really helped me because it pushed me to do better. I think when I began classes I was pretty demotivated. But as I continued and practiced more I felt that I got better and that helped to improve my confidence and do better."

− Shruti Shah | SOTA Year 6 (2014), English Literature SL

"Thank you very much for all your help this last 2 years!"

− A.N. | CIS Grade 12 (May 2015) | Math Studies & Business Management HL

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the course of my time in 6th form. I really appreciate all your time spent gathering the different course materials, I know it's quite hard to find! "

− Sasha Hunt | AS English Language | TTS | Year 6 (May 2016)

"Well... I took my final chemistry exam today, and im sure that thanks to mind lab I have managed to achieve at least a 5, from a previous 2. It was immensely helpful and assured me a good academic success."

− T.P. | GESS Grade 12 (May 2015) | IB Chemistry SL

"Thank you for 6 months of teaching us! It was the happiest and funniest Chem class ever! Will miss you a lot."

− Sumin Park| ISS Grade 12 (Aug 2016) | IB Chemistry HL

"Thank you very much for guidance this past few months. Really appreciate it. I learned a lot from you. | Teachers are competent and composed. Very knowledgeable."

− Shannan Yong | Salem Int'l College Grade 12 (Aug 2016) | IB Chemistry HL

"Thank you for being a really great teacher. I appreciate your full commitment to bridging gaps in my thinking and knowledge, even while you have only taught me for a couple of months. It has made a huge difference. "

− Joanne Tan | Avondale Grammar School (Aug 2016) | IGCSE Math and Chemistry

IGCSE Students

"I would like to offer the following testimonial as a recommendation on how great Mindlab is!!!
With only five months before his IGCSE maths exam my son asked for help as his maths teacher was failing him. I had had several meetings with his maths teacher who continually blamed my sons lack of commitment and ability. With only a short timescale to help him turn things around I contacted Mindlab - Matt listened patiently and took the time to find out the issues encountered and promised he would find the right tutor to match my sons learning style and personality - he kept his word.
Within a few weeks my son began to enjoy maths again and began to regain confidence in his ability to achieve success. Even at the last parents consultation the maths teacher commented on how surprised he was at the progress my son had made within a few months. The true test is in the results - when he first joined Mindlab his grade attainment was rated as a 'D' at best - when he sat his exams in June he achieved a Grade B. I have no doubt that had he started tuition earlier he would have achieved a grade A if not an A*.
Thank you to all the staff at Mindlab!"

− JK (parent) OFS Grade 10

"My teachers were really helpful and supportive along the way and I don't think I'd be achieving the grades I am now if it weren't for them."

− V.A. | IGCSE Nov 2013 Chem (from B to a final grade of A*) and Math (from C to a final grade of A)

"I feel more confident during class and have a great understanding for the topics covered in school."

− J.H. | Grade 10 (2013), Chemistry

"Ms. G is a fun and helpful teacher who helped me a lot in writing techniques."

− S.T. | Grade 10 (2013), English

"At the beginning of my Mindlab experience, Mrs. R (tutor) was a great help for me in my Physics as she challenged me with lots of questions and strengthened me in the subject. She built my confidence to answer questions and to do well without hesitating."

− A.S. | Grade 10 (2013), Mathematics

"My tutor was very kind and gave me confidence. I feel now I will be sure to get an A* for Geography."

− H.P. | IGCSE Grade 10 (May 2014), Geography

"- Effective
- Direct"

− R.N. | Grade 10 (May 2014), CIM Math

"Sessions are very helpful and informative! There are very good teachers and it helps me learn quickly. Thanks."

− O.W. | Grade 10 (Aug 2014), Chemistry & Math

"My tutor was very kind. She gave me confidence. I feel that I will be sure to get an A* for Geography."

− H.P. | TTS Year 11 (2014), IGCSE Geography

"Enjoyed every lesson as each class was productive and aided me in my learning. I also felt that the teachers here are well-prepared and always ready to help in my difficulties."

− D.M. | UWCSEA East (2014) | IGCSE Coordinated Science, Econs

"The teachers understand their topics taught to a large extent, they are both so patient with me. When I am unsure with concepts they provide me with all of the necessary materials required which I can utilise to a large extent to further my learning."

− V.B. | UWCSEA Grade 10 (May 2015) | IGCSE Chemistry & Mathematics

"Thank you for teaching me although it was a short while, Mr. Junjie! Thank you for teaching me from the start, Ms. Raiza!"

− Iegreat Aprilyanri | Econs, English, Math, Physics, Biology & Mandarin | Nexus Int'l | Grade 10 (May 2016)

"Dear Mindlab team

Manoj went through the bootcamp and the experience was excellent. It increased his confidence and deepend his focus. He is very positive of great outcome from the board examinations.
Also you have helped a lot by providing lot of different questions papers from the past. It certainly makes him work on the same and increase his knowledge level

the customer servicing ladies in the reception are so friendly and it is a pleasure to interact with them and certainly they reflect the high standards and values of the organisation.

I sincerely thank the team and the organization for their great support in this regard which played a significant part in morale/confidence booster for my son.

I wish this organization continue to play this crucial service and contribution in the education world in many more years to come and brighten the future of many children

Thanking once again

Ramesh Babu"

− Mr. Ramesh Babu | Manoj (student) | GIIS | IGCSE Bootcamp (May 2017)

IP, ‘O’ Level & PSLE

"The tuition has helped me to achieve my goal of 256 for PSLE. I like the teachers' method of teaching which I call extreme revision. It helps me to remember and understand tons of questions in Math and Science, which led to my A stars. My English tutors have helped me in my English grade up from a C to an A."

− Andrew Cheah | ACSI (PSLE/IP) | English, Math & Science

"Before taking chemistry with Mindlab, I was failing in the subject and had close to no interest in chemistry. However, after going for Mindlab's classes, I have not only improved in the subject academically, but have also developed an interest for organic chemistry."

− T.A. (IP Chem)

"The teacher's teaching is clear and easy to understand. He is approachable. The counter staff are very friendly and attended to my enquiry promptly."

− C.O. Sec, 4 (2013) E. Math & Chemistry

""Thank God I found this place before EOY!""

− E.T. | Sec. 3 (2013) Combined Science (Physics)

"Mindlab is a warm loving tuition centre whith such attentive, caring and dedicated teachers who are willing to go the extra mile to help the students when help is required. The teachers are also friendly and "cool" to be around with.:) I managed to get an A for Physics and Chemistry. Something which I was unable to achieve until I started receiving help from the tutors of Mindlab. My Physics teacher gave me her 100% focus and attention and with that, I was able to score an A for my Science, with such past science results like C or B2."

− Muhammad

"The classes were fun and enriching. The tutor is very friendly and patience. He's very encouraging and and inspires us to do better. Chemistry has become an easier subject."

− Joyce Foo, CHIJ Katong | Improved: from D7 to B | Chemistry

"The tutor makes us practice Chemistry everyday and ensures that we do the papers within the time limit. The session is always productive. The tutor is funny and makes lessons interesting."

− Ashley Neo, CHIJ Katong | Improved: from E8 to B | Chemistry

"The humor and the methods he uses to teach makes the lesson interesting in order for us to learn better. He inspired me to aim high."

− Amanda Tan, CHIJ Katong | Improved: from D7 to B4 | Chemistry

"Mindlab has made me love Chemistry much more! Chemistry is fun now:)"

− Rae Melissa Tan, CHIJ Katong | Improved: from F to B3 | Chemistry Intensive Revision

"My tutors are very patient and understanding. They have provided me with more practice and continuous reinforcement of learning. I have improved most of my grades by 3-4 grades up."

− Nidhi | Improved: Physics: from F9 to A2; Chemistry: from C6 to B3; A Maths: from C6 to B3; E. Maths: from F9 to A1